Juan José can be defined as a person who does not believe in social systems and is always looking for an alternative point of view, since I was a child I has been motivated to study and learn new things every day, I am a restless person and eager for answers to any question or response that manages to fill the knowledge gap, this has led me to study topics that seem scattered but that, in his view, are part of a unique integrality that a person can have.

  • I made a technology in systems
  • I studied and obtained a degree in Agricultural Engineering at the National University of Colombia.
  • I deepened my knowledge with a specialization in Preparation and Evaluation of Private Projects.
  • I studied to obtain a Master’s degree in Project Management.
  • I wanted to delve into other topics and graduated as a Specialist in State Contracting.
  • I am clear that the construction of dreams depends only on one, in my childhood I always imagined piloting a plane, with that idea I studied aviation and managed to fulfill it.

All my life I have been interested in technological aspects and I have wanted to be at the forefront, I did multiple studies in systems just for Hobbie because it was never in my plans to work on it, I enjoy social life and working in technology made me think that I could get away from her, I have always been passionate about finance and I have studied these aspects since I was at the University, I took multiple courses at the Colombian Stock Exchange when you could only operate with stockbrokers and later with the arrival of the Brokers I was able to investing more broadly, I always took virtual courses and studied on my own all the macroeconomic theories, Japanese candlestick theories, technical indicators, and everything that was within my reach.

The arrival of Blockchain technology and Crypto ecosystems were the breaking of all existing paradigms and the connection of all my tastes from technology, programming code, finance to usability in agricultural issues.

The NFTs opened my mind to a new world of usecases of the blockchain and merged things that in other years were supposed to be aisled for example art and technology.