In the past…

I started with an agricultural services company doing advice and work that contributed to our clients in the development of their business ideas and in the solution of their technical needs. In this way and without thinking about it, I made my way to enter the Municipal Public Administration of the city of Medellín and there multiple projects were developed in favor of the agricultural sector of the city, working with and for the peasant projects of the five districts of Medellín, initially through technical assistance, training, advice to enterprises and direct marketing spaces. In this space we had to learn how the budget and public contracting were handled, as well as learn to receive citizens and obtain great rewards in terms of gratitude from the beneficiary communities. There is nothing more rewarding than being able to help people.

Once again, due to coincidences of life and opportunities that oneself opens up, we arrived at the Departmental Public Administration and from there we worked for the food security of the Department of Antioquia, living unforgettable experiences and doing something that I am most passionate about, which is traveling. and discover new spaces. We shared with indigenous communities, Afro-descendants, many children who always had a smile to give.

After this stage, I came to contribute my acquired knowledge in a new space, from the support in the hiring and in the financial management, it was contributed to the Sports Development and the Strengthening of the Recreation of the city,

During all these years and all these processes, at the same time I have always made investments in the stock market and have been constantly trading futures, focusing on the US markets, operating Dow Jones, Nasdaq and Standard and Poors futures.

Aware of the technological revolution and the emergence of Blockchain technology, I have actively participated in the ecosystem, initially mining and investing in some projects, supporting each new development and contributing to the adoption of new technologies.

I have already participated in the Blockchain Summit Latam 2022 as a speaker in the panel «DAOs in Latam, ¿The next great revolution of the crypto ecosystem?».


  • Contributing from the role of Moderator for the Celo Blockchain, always looking to help new users to get solves his doubts in the Discord Server, helping to educate people about the uses and benefits, create content in Spanish.
  • Succesfully onboard the first community that need economic aid to participate in the ImpactMarket protocol and carry out pilot tests in Medellín, Colombia. Currently, a community of young athletes has already been established to help them improve their life opportunities.
  • Contributing from the role of Moderator in the Immortal DAO project that runs on the Celo network, always looking to create content in Spanish and helping with the translation of all project documentation.
  • Looking forward for the creation of a new Stablecoin pegged to the Colombian Peso in the Celo network, seeking to improve the adoption of this Blockchain and contribute to growth.
  • Managing the Discord server for Wolf Project ($Wolf), an Austrian project that grows in collaboration with Pocket Towne Project ($PTC) who develops a Metaverse on the Cardano network.
  • Managing the Discord Server for BlizzEffect cardano NFTs, a Colombian project on the Cardano Network.
  • Contributing from the role of Moderator in the Merchandise Merkaba Token ($MKA) project in the Cardano network.
  • Contributing from the role of Moderator to the NFT BeingHumanBeing collection, a Mexican Art project on the Polygon network.

In the future…

  • Developing and implementing a Stake Pool Operator on the Cardano network.
  • Looking for the design of an NFT and FanToken collection for a professional Basketball team in Colombia.
  • Designing and structuring Abundbank a NFTs-ReFi-Fintech project from Colombia abroad.
  • Actually in the conceptualization phase of a Forestry project based on NFT technology in Colombia.